About me

Artist statement

The visual arts appeal to me because of its interplay of directness and ambiguity. This frees me up to express ideas that tend to be too set in stone expressed only in words. It provides me with a way to nudge ideas along however (un)subtlely I may choose. While a lot of subjects appeal to me, I gravitate towards the seemingly mundane and unnoticed and try to give it a voice.

As an artist, I have always worked with different types of media and in different styles – the subject matter calls out to me with a particular tone of voice and language and who am I to question it? Painting, printmaking, mixed media and the book arts all figure in my work. Colors and shapes speak to me and guide the direction. This eclectic approach has never made more sense to me than in 2020: this crazy year with very quiet personal lives (for most) and the chaotic pandemonium of the world at large.


My childhood in Boston and Bangalore was mostly spent painting, drawing, singing, dancing, puzzle solving, inquiring and wreaking other sorts artistic and intellectual havoc in my near vicinity. After moving to the U. S. for graduate school, I have lived mostly in the Bay Area with long extended periods on the east coast, France and India. I currently live and work as an artist, designer and software engineer in San Francisco.

Sanjukta (unity in Bengali) is my given name, but almost everyone calls me Mana.